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How Financing Benefits You

One of the primary advantages of financing is that it enables you, the sales professional, to close more sales sooner!

With financing you can:

  1. Develop new sales opportunities where total dollar cost may be a major challenge to your customer.
  2. Overcome budget limitations.
  3. Get quicker sales by eliminating deferred decisions.
  4. Overcome your customer's objections and see if the customer is sold on the equipment in the first place.
  5. Establish the foundation for a long term relationship with your customer.

  6. Tips to Increase Sales

    After gaining understanding of what your customer wants, figure out the payment ahead of time. (Call toll free at (888) 300-8832 for payment ranges.)

    Bring financing in early as a positive alternative every time you quote equipment. Don't wait until a capital expenditure has been turned down.

    Save the best for last - quote the 3-year (36 months) finance figure first, keeping the lower 5-year (60 months) figure as an option to help their cash flow if desired.

    Compare monthly savings or increased income with monthly finance cost; sell net profit and savings generated by the equipment.

    Reduce the cost to the lowest common denominator, i.e., finance cost per test, unit or hour of operation.

    Use financing to "ask for the order"; it may help uncover hidden objections.

    Use the financing to build relationships and repeat business.

    Call us for variable payments to fit your customer's needs, i.e. "seasonal," "deferred" or "skip" payments.

    Avoid getting trapped in a technical discussion of financing. If special questions arise regarding the financing, call your Lake Union Financial representative to answer your questions or we'll speak directly to your customer.

    Combat competition with financing; your sales approach is more complete. If your price is higher, compare your superior product's longer useful life with that of your competition's. The monthly finance cost may be lower.

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