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In today's business environment, businesses need to partner with companies who can "get the job done." Lake Union Financial offers the most comprehensive programs in the equipment financing industry through our extensive network. Some of our programs include:

Established Businesses Now is the time to be rewarded, if you have 5 years plus in business and solid financial picture. We can provide you with the most competitive preferred rates in the country.

Start-Up and Developing Businesses Lake Union Financial has a number of different solutions to help start-up and developing businesses' meet equipment demands. Please call 888-300-8832 and discuss with us your current and future needs.

Corporation Only No personal guarantees will be required for solid corporations in business 10 years or more.

Competitive Rates With the changes in the financial industry and tighter cash than a couple of years ago. We work with you to get the best rate possible.

Flexible Finance Programs We understand small business cycles, especially pertaining to cash flow. Lake Union Financial is committed to provide flexible and convenient payment plans.

  1. Seasonal Skip Payments Do you experience a seasonal decrease in cash flow? Lake Union Financial gives you the choice to make adjustments to your payments in the slow season. You tell us when cash flow is the lightest, and we'll structure your agreement accordingly.
  2. 90 Day No Payments Do you need some time to get the equipment installed, train personnel before you can benefit from your equipment purchase? With the 90 Day No Payments Plan, you simply make one payment in advance, followed by small contact payments for the next 90 days!
  3. 6x $100 Are you ready to buy new equipment, but need to preserve cash flow for a period of time? Try the 6 x $100 program. You make payments of just $100 for the first six months.

120% Financing Warranties, installation, freight, etc. may be included in the financial package.

Used and Refurbished Equipment Used Equipment will be considered if the equipment is less than 15 years old. Terms 12 to 60 months are available depending upon age of equipment.

Titled Vehicles Financing available for new and used commercial vehicles—dealer or Private Party transactions.

Municipal Financing Aggressive Municipal Funding Programs range from $20,000 to $20,000,000. We fund various civil projects, helping municipalities stretch their tax dollar to offer more community services.

Accounts Receivable Financing Do you have a substantial amount of money tied up in unpaid invoices pinching your cash flow? Spend your time growing your business not bill collecting. Call us to accelerate your cash flow to continue to grow.

Working Capital Are you looking for some additional cash to grow the business and have been shut out by your local bank? Give us a call to discuss some working capital options.

Prefunding While most funding sources discourage prefunding for your vendors, we are constantly striving to help increase the relationship between you and your vendors by offering programs and services that satisfy their need, not ours.

Equipment A wide range of equipment can be financed: Automotive, Industrial, Long & Short Haul Trucks, Health & Fitness, Construction, Manufacturing, and much more. Please provide us with a quote or invoice from your equipment dealer.

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