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Financing Process

Three Easy Steps to Finance Your Equipment

1 Credit application. Fill out our online form or print an application & fax it. toll free to 888-261-9603.

2 Approval Upon approval, you choose the term - 24 - 60 months. The Finance Agreement is emailed to you. We secure the equipment with your chosen vendor as soon as the signed agreement is received.

3. Get your equipment!

  1. Top Five Tips For a Timely Approval and
    Funding Process
  2. 1. Accurate and verifiable information: does your business have a d/b/a name? Who are the owners/partners in your company? What percentage of ownership do they hold? How long has the company been in business under present ownership?
  3. 2. Proof of Time in Business: If you are a corporation, and usually if you are an LLC, we can verify the date of entity creation on the Secretary of State website. If you are a Proprietorship or Partnership we may need a copy of your first bank statement, a business license or a Schedule C from your first tax return.
  4. 3. Let us know the equipment cost, and provide a quote if you have one.
  5. 4. Signatures: On the application, and all the way through the process, give us your name and signature as it appears on your driver's license. If your name on your license is Jonathan Jones Jr., do not sign as "Jon Jones." Without matching signatures, we may have to request notarized copies. This slows things down and takes more of your valuable time.
  6. 5. Clean Credit Bureau: If you already know you have a "less than stellar" credit bureau report and you believe there is inaccurate information listed, check out resolving credit problems. Lake Union has specifically designed programs to provide funding to customers who have prior bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, repossessions, or slow pays.
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